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January 30, 2014
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February 22, 2011
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July 1, 2010
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February 13, 2010
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November 29, 2009
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Revival in Germany and Israel

September 15, 2009
Joaquin,me,Kris, and Christina in the center of the world

Joaquin,me,Kris, and Christina in the center of the world

Revival in Germany and Israel!

I just got back from a month long trip to Israel and Germany….

It was beyond amazing. The power of the Holy Spirit was with us the entire time with many signs wonder and miracles….. people were saved healed and delivered and extraordinary miracles took place….

Here is a few updates from my friend Kris that i was traveling with posted while we were there but i wanted to make them available to read now. I am writing about the trip as well but i haven’t finished or posted it yet. At the moment i’m getting ready to board a plane for dallas texas where we will be doing a healing school there for pastors and leaders. Immediatly following the event me and my friend randy castle will be taking a team to Nicaragua for a 4 day mission trip to activate a few of those people from the healing school. Expectations are high and we are ready to see an explosion of miracles as God touches more of His people. We are honored to be able to spread the good news and see the release of His kingdom there in Nicaragua; He never fails us…. and continues to show up in mighty power. Thanks for all your prayers and support of what im doing and the ministry that God is opening up for me. I’ll write a little bit later about what I am doing this year but im getting ready to board my plane so here is some good news from Germany and Israel!

Here Josh and I are, in Hamburg, Germany, having a blast and I wanted to share some testimonies with you…

But first a funny story too. We are here in a Ghanese church (mainly people from Ghana, Africa who speak primarily Twee, the local language). A man came up to me the other day and said he wanted to bless my ministry. I did not know what to say. I was overwhelmed with thankfulness. Here I am across the world, these people do not have much money, God has been speaking to me about tremendous blessing, wow, this is amazing. I said, Why thank you so much. He replied, ‘yes, I want to give you my daughter.’ I said, ‘what’ Again he said, ‘I want to give you my daughter…
I want to send her to your church.’ I think I realized then what he was trying to say… that he wanted to send his daughter to America to learn about revival…. But obviously some of it was lost in translation
Ha Ha

Anyway, here we are enjoying the Holy Spirit move in power in a region that is supposedly hard ground. Josh said today, ‘Show me hard ground and I will show you a miracle’ Ha Ha, I like that.
Many of the people here in the small church had not even experienced the Holy Spirit here before this week. I think about 4 churches came together, each only having maybe 10 or so members.
Also some random people who wandered in off the street because of the music (from what I understand) have been in the meeting. For the first time, people are speaking in tongues, singing spontaneous praises to God, falling over laughing in the because of God’s presence, seeing and doing miracles, having gold dust show up on hands and many other signs that the Kingdom of God is here.
We had a group of young girls who are on fire for God calling out words of knowledge for healing in a meeting the other night. As they called out conditions which God was healing, backs and necks and knees, and other things were healed. People were crying as God touched their lives with His healing power!

Kerstin, a German woman, has become a pro at doing miracles with her friend Jesus. She was just baptized in the Spirit this week after stumbling upon one of the meetings. She is a physical therapist and brought a couple of friends and patients one night. She ended up praying for one and his leg grew out and he started doing karate kicks! Come on Jesus! The next night she watched as a little girl’s leg which was deformed changed shape in front of her eyes while she prayed. The little girl’s leg was some couple inches short after doctors had broke it because it was twisted and deformed at birth. The little girl was unable to move certain toes. God brought breakthrough. The mother and other women around were screaming as the leg changed shape in front of their eyes. Before this night, the little girl had to wear a kind of boot and brace, but on the next day she was not wearing it anymore. I saw her after the miracle able to wiggle certain toes that she could not before. She is about 3, and she is so cute wiggling her little toes! There is still some more breakthrough to happen, but it was one of the wilder things Josh and I have ever seen. JESUS!

The other day, worship just started back up again after the Holy Awe of God came into the room. The singers, who were by now off stage, surrounded the people and sang spontaneously and the glory increased. Josh never left the ground. I just layed down in the back… one of my favorite things to do! God is Good!

Last night, we were finally able to go on the streets with a pastor and another friendly man. We have been pushing past the language barrier as very few have admitted to speaking English. We have kept pushing in…

I watched a video of a few friends this morning who released revival at disneyland with some Ghanese girls from the church (go Jason and Jason! ( )). They were amazed and I was fired up.

We did a treasure hunt and it blew up. They asked God where and who and the answers they received led us to people. We did not know their was a carnival here, but God led us to it. There, a group of girls ended up getting rocked by the Spirit as the power of God came on them while they held out their hands and invited him. One was getting kinda tipsy in the Spirit. We had her friends lay hands on her after releasing a word of knowledge for her having scoliosis. They prayed, the pain left and she checked her back and her spine was straight! A great night of Holy Ghost POWER! ). They were amazed,and the pastors and Josh and I were fired up.

We are preparing for more. Another week here and then off to the Israel to hang with more friends and see God show up.

Sucatte. 24 hour house of prayer in Jerusalem that i got to speak at

Sucatte. 24 hour house of prayer in Jerusalem that i got to speak at

Right now Josh and I are feeling like God wants to heal a couple of people reading this. We feel like God is healing a young man with pain in his right shoulder from a baseball related injury right now. Also we saw the number 36 and a woman with neck problems and pain being healed right now. There is power coming on those conditions as well as a headache that just left. Also, panic attacks and anxiety is leaving now in Jesus Christ name. Move around, check it out… it happened. Give us a report of what God did. He is amazing! Much Love to you all!

We have seen a riot of miracles and the power of God in Germany. The people that have been coming to the church have never experienced God like this. All they know about the power of God comes from just seeing things on TBN. We are having to explain as people are falling over and rolling around getting drunk in the Spirit of God. We have been teaching the kids that have been getting the most impacted by God’s Spirit, with laughter and such, how to get words of knowledge for healing. People in the service the other night were getting powerfully healed as the young people called out conditions. Two girls, Emmanuella and Belinda have been our primary ministry team seeing people healed of all kinds of stuff. Last night a man named Samuel got to pray for his first deaf ear to open up! Samuel went on a treasure hunt with us the other night and ended up chasing a pregnant woman down the street who was on his list – now that is hunger!

We have even been able to call out words of knowledge for family members that were not in the meeting. It was crazy, we were getting their age and how many kids they had and the people were so hungry. Upon calling the family members pain left their body and they started moving around when they could not before. Jesus Christ is Amazing!
We even had a gemstone show up in that service. Crazy! God is GOOD!

Too much has happened to even write it all down… Love you all

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